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I met the organizers of Military Friends Foundation in 2014 when they moved their Tough Ruck event to Concord after the bombing at the Boston Marathon.  I was touched by their focus on helping people, their dedication, and their professionalism on keeping the charity true to their mission. After photographing that first event, I've continued photographing Tough Ruck and other events every year. Also helping plan for the events and providing graphic designs for their social media.

Photographer & Social Media Designer
Photographer &
Social Media Designer

The social media posts are designed to encourage, inform, and congratulate the thousands of people who participate in Military Friends' events, contribute to their cause, and follow them to gather news and stay in touch.

Design Process

Most of the pictures I use will be from ones I took at their events, celebrating the participants and their achievements.  I then choose quotes that will have the greatest meaning to our Military Friends "family" as well as all the followers on social media.

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